Some Small Upgrades

***ATTENTION***  Shoe lovers…need I say more.

shoe closet

Nothing like new paint on your front door , for a warm welcome  🙂

front door

Tired of getting moisture on your carpet, right next to your sliding glass door. Then try adding tile. Really cheap way to save tons of money , so that you don’t have to replace carpet , or carpet cleaning bills.

slider tile

Here’s an idea if you’re looking for open shelving.

backsplash 1

 This back-splash was fun. Even though they came on sheets my Team and I still had to put a lot of the little pieces of glass everywhere to make this look right .

backsplash 3

 This is your typical random length glass 12×12 that comes in all sorts of colors.

backsplash 2

 Got a call one day to see what I can do to a shower bench with tiles coming off. After sitting with the home owner, I think we put our heads together rather well.

shower bench fix